Case Study
How Synpact Transformed a Legal Firm's IT Strategy
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When a well-established legal firm reached out to Synpact, they grappled with a steadily climbing IT budget that seemed to increase without clear direction.

The firm was in dire need of a technology roadmap and lacked proper oversight of its IT staff.

It was a classic case of technology running without a robust strategy, and they needed help to rein it in.


The legal firm was clear about its goals: slash the wasteful spending and get its IT department under control. For Synpact, this request perfectly fits their ethos of leveraging technology to increase productivity, reduce overhead, and optimize operational effectiveness.

By implementing their services and procedures to meet these specific needs, Synpact aimed to streamline the firm’s technology and vendors to bring some much-needed structure to the internal IT department.

Custom Solutions

To tackle the firm’s challenges, Synpact rolled out a suite of services that included managed IT, security cameras, unified communications, access control, and cabling. However, the magic happened when they developed a custom roadmap to prioritize strategic goals while enhancing efficiency across the board.

It was a bespoke solution perfectly aligned with the firm’s urgent needs.

Implementation and Challenges

Implementing these solutions was challenging, but Synpact was up to the task. With over 740 users affected, precision was key. The Synpact team worked closely with the law firm and ensured that every step of the implementation was as smooth as possible. They overcame challenges by working together as a united team and putting in the hard work and dedication needed.

Impact and Success

The results spoke for themselves.

The legal firm saw immediate clarity in its technology systems and a significant reduction in vendor clutter, leading to streamlined vendor management and a decrease in budget overspending by over 20%.

Moreover, the effectiveness of the IT staff could now be measured, and both cyber and physical security were notably improved.

Client Relationship

Synpact’s relationship with the client evolved into a partnership, with Synpact earning a trusted seat at the decision-making table. The firm valued Synpact’s clear and straightforward communication and ability to deliver results that matched their initial promises.

Long-term Impact

Over time, the legal firm saw its IT department become more efficient, and its vendor contracts simplified. This transformation allowed the firm to focus on growing and expanding into new areas and state regions using improved processes, standardized procedures, and optimized technology solutions.

Successful Communications

The key takeaway from this collaboration is Synpact’s ability to overhaul and enhance critical IT components without causing significant disruptions. Upgrades were made without any loss in productivity, which is vital for professionals like lawyers who bill by the hour. Moreover, Synpact boosted the internal IT team’s ability to quickly adapt to the latest solutions and policies.

This case shows the power of effective communication and coordination, both within Synpact and with their client, ensuring a seamless transition to a more efficient and controlled IT environment.

Future Collaboration

Looking ahead, the legal firm has expressed interest in applying Synpact’s successful methods and processes to other departments to tackle operational issues. This opens the door for Synpact to provide even more comprehensive support in the future, including advanced cybersecurity measures and a complete transition to cloud computing and software integration to continue its pledge to reduce overhead and increase efficiency.


Reflecting on this collaboration, Synpact views this project as a blueprint of existing internal processes and service offerings.

The experience has enriched their understanding of addressing critical issues efficiently without disrupting the organization’s operations.

Engagements with future clients can benefit from the insights and methodologies refined during this project.

In weaving through the challenges and successes of this partnership, Synpact not only met the immediate needs of the legal firm but also laid the groundwork for a future where both parties continue to grow and evolve together. This case study exemplifies how tailored IT solutions can create a lasting, impactful change.

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