What Are Co-Managed IT Solutions and What Do They Entail?

Co-managed IT solutions

Are you spending too much time and money on IT problems that divert you from your primary business? Are you concerned about your internal IT team’s effectiveness? If you said yes to either of these questions, it could be time to think about other IT solutions. Thousands of companies have made the change globally, and most are thriving with the new system. However, what exactly are co-managed IT solutions, and why are they becoming popular among all groups of people?

What Are Co-Managed IT Solutions?

Most companies either have an internal IT team or contract their IT work to a third-party service provider to handle their IT needs. There are benefits to both choices, but often you have to pick one. This allows you to have the best of both worlds.

Co-managed IT solutions are an alliance between your in-house IT staff and a preferred MSP. You can benefit from the familiarity and comfort of having your crew members on board with this arrangement. In addition, you may be sure that, no matter what issue arises, you can always rely on an IT provider’s experience to save the day.

Motives for Using Co-Managed IT Solutions

Co-managed IT solutions are increasingly available to many small and medium-sized businesses, but this doesn’t mean it’s the best option for everyone. While some companies benefit from outsourcing their IT to an MSP, others excel with internal management. What are the signs that co-managed IT solutions fit you well?

Here are a few warning indicators:

Both Your Internal Staff and Outside IT Experts Are Necessary

Because they are familiar with your IT infrastructure, in-house specialists can offer insights that an outside expert cannot. Conversely, outside IT specialists might possess extensive knowledge that your employees do not have. When both teams work together, you get the best IT infrastructure available.

Your Company is Growing

While growth is positive, it also brings more significant technological challenges. Even if you have sufficient faith in your IT staff’s abilities, the workload will probably increase more than they can handle. Your company’s growth may continue steadily with a co-managed IT solutions model without taxing your employees.

Your Technological Needs Are Specific

Certain firms require specific technology solutions that are outside of ordinary IT specialists. Rather than requiring your employees to go through training or investing business funds in expensive specialists, you can choose a co-managed IT solutions supplier to handle the work.

Last Words

Co-managed IT is becoming a common practice among small and medium-sized enterprises. Selecting it results in a notable improvement in productivity, contentment among staff, revenue, and general company performance. Check out our Essential Guide to Co-Managed IT, available as a free download right now, to determine if this is the best option for your company. You can also call us, and we’ll happily come over for a consultation.

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