Artificial Intelligence is Exploiting Businesses

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The improvements in businesses using artificial intelligence have been quite noticeable over the years. In one of its first applications, AI developed a program for checkers that could learn by itself. Even though it was a monumental achievement, it seems so basic compared to today’s AI applications. AI is behind many everyday things, like chatbots, autonomous vehicles, and virtual assistants.

Businesses Must Know the Dark Side of Artificial Intelligence

In the modern world, artificial intelligence has advanced to where it is frequently difficult to tell what is real from what it generates. When you try to distinguish between your friend’s real photos and those created by an AI photo app, the process can occasionally be amusing. In some instances, however, this may be dangerous, especially when hackers are trying to target employees. Stealing confidential information or infiltrating businesses is the goal of artificial intelligence. The alarming fact is that they can accomplish this in several ways.

The Use of Chatbots in Phishing Campaigns

Phishing emails used to be very easy to spot because of their obvious grammatical errors and misplaced punctuation marks. With AI-powered chatbots, hackers can now write phishing emails almost flawlessly. The messages can be individually personalized, making it more likely for the recipient to fall victim since they won’t suspect that the email is fake.

Executive Phishing Scams

It is not an entirely new method of social engineering. In recent years, generative AI tools have made phishing campaigns more effective, resulting in a higher success rate. The hackers send emails that appear to come from the CEO or some other high-ranking official. Since the message looks authentic with logos and signatures, most employees will not question it at all.

Creating Deceptive Videos with Deepfake

Many people know hackers can easily fake emails. However many businesses still don’t realize that Artificial Intelligence is so advanced that hackers can also fake videos using Deepfake technology. With the prevalence of phishing scams and similar cyberattacks, we are now more vigilant when reading through our inboxes. But videos are a different thing. As the saying goes, to see is to believe. If there is a video, it must be real. They would willingly divulge sensitive information, grant unauthorized access, etc., since it is right in front of you.

What You Can Do to Keep Your Employees and Your Business Safe

Hackers use AI technology to execute attacks. We can expect these strategies to become even more aggressive as AI advances. Yet, there are steps you can take to increase safety for your business and your employees.

Artificial Intelligence Cybersecurity Training for Businesses

Awareness is key to mitigating AI-based attack risks. With regular cybersecurity training, you can maintain employee awareness, help them understand how AI attacks work, and equip them with the knowledge to recognize red flags in suspicious emails.

Protect Sensitive Information by Limiting Access

Employees should always be on a need-to-know basis with the company’s sensitive information to minimize the damage in the event of a data breach. The fewer details they know, the fewer cybercriminals can get.

Invest in AI-Powered Security Solutions

In the world of AI, two can play at the same time. You can use AI to detect threats before they reach your system, just as cybercriminals can use it to penetrate your system. Be sure that all businesses’ security system uses the most advanced Artificial Intelligence tools to protect your organization and employees and stay ahead of the enemy.

Businesses must Partner with Artificial Intelligence Security Expert

Artificial intelligence tools are widely available, and many of them are even free. We strongly recommend that businesses seek the help of experts in Artificial Intelligence technologies if they want to have the most secure system. Aside from providing you with advanced AI systems and tools, they can also customize security strategies to fit your needs.

It is sometimes frightening to use AI technology because it has become so powerful. However, with the right security solutions, your business and employees will stay safe, and you won’t have to worry. To learn more about what you can do, watch our on-demand webinar or download our Cybersecurity E-book. Please let us know if you are ready to take the step towards higher security and robust protective measures, and we will connect you with an expert MSP that can handle your needs.

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